Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II, WGP Marks, Numbers & Decors III, BauHaus Generated on 1 CD

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Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II, WGP Marks, Numbers & Decors III, BauHaus Generated on 1 CD Empty Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II, WGP Marks, Numbers & Decors III, BauHaus Generated on 1 CD

Post by Madbrit on Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:36 pm

All three publications by Kevin James Graham, on one CD. Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II, West & East German Pottery Marks, Form Numbers & Decors III and the recently released BauHaus Generated which focuses on German studio pottery 1930 until present day.

Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II, WGP Marks, Numbers & Decors III, BauHaus Generated on 1 CD Trio_c10

Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II
A greatly enhanced version of the original hardbacked book and the subsequent CD.The original book featured 109 West & East German Pottery companies, this update has hiked that to 141 companies. Also there are an additional 18 new designer profiles. This book on a fast access CD has over 600 colour pictures, manufacturer marks, date of introduction and much more.

West & East German Pottery Marks, Form Numbers & Decors III
With over 7000 more form numbers than the Original hardbacked book, a huge new section on decors with decor name, introduction date, who designed it and what it looks like. Highlighting companies like Alka Kunst, Bay Keramik, Bückeberg, Carstens Tönnieshof, Ceramano, Conradt (Geb), Dümler & Breiden, ES-Keramik, Eiwa, Fohr Keramik, Ilkra, Jasba, Jopeko, Keto, Kupfermuhle Keramik KMK, Marzi & Remy, Ruscha, Scheurich, Schlossberg, Schramberg SMF, Wächtersbach etc. Find out who designed the Iconic Hearts decor for Wächtersbach & when it was introduced. If you love West German Pottery, this Book on a CD is a must have for Collector or Vintage dealer alike. The massive form numbers index covers Ceramic & Porcelain made from 1895 up to 1998, with over 120,000 individual shapes numbers. A additional section of not previously published Studio marks, and a large section on Porcelain marks.

BauHaus Generated
This Book on a CD contains the profiles of over 700 potters, 1930s to present day, with marks, who trained them, where they were or are located. Hundreds of full colour pictures, design profile section, and much more. Foreword by Antiques & Collectables expert Mark Hill.

Potters include: Ingeborg & Bruno Asshof, Atmer de Reig, Bernd Allroggen, Henier Balzar, Richard Bampi, Liselot Bisang, Eva Bomblies, Jan Bontjes van Beek, Inge Böttger, Antje Brüggemann, Gabriele Boos, Dieter Crumbiegel, Antje & Rainer Doss, Paul Dressler, Laszlo Dudas, Hildegard Eggemann, Johannes Gebhardt, Walter Gerhards, Siegfrid Gramman, Gerd & Lu Grove, Elsa Harney, Gerda Heuckeroth, Ulfert Hillers, Friedrich Hudler, Anton Herr, Wilhelm Kagel, Horst Kerstan, Albert Kiessling, Lu Klopfer, Hans Heiner Körting, Elke & Elmar Kübieck, Wilhelm & Elly Kuch, Beate Kuhn, Thomas Kummer, Helma Klett, Anton Lang, Max Laeuger, IB Langelot, Gerhard Liebenthron, Otto Lindig, Ernst Loesche, Edith Lins, Monica Maetzel, Richard Marschner, Otto Meier, Hanna Meyer, Wim Mühlendyck, Anton Piesche, Lutz & Susanne Pflugk, Helmut Schäffenacker, Karl & Ursula Scheid, Rudi Stahl, Wendelin Stahl, Barbara Stehr, Richard Uhlemeyer, Kerstin Unterstab, Ralf & Gudrun Unterstab, Johannes Urban, Fritz & Vera Vehring, Rolf Weber and many more.

"‘Small’ isn’t a word that can be applied to this, Kevin Graham’s new magnum opus. Thanks to the wonderful works illustrated, we can also apply the word ‘beautiful’". Mark Hill

"On a personal level, this book has caused chaos in my home. Storage boxes have been torn open, bubble wrap has been flung to the four corners, and vases are strewn across the floor". Mark Hill

Stockists: For Mainland Europe & ROW contact me on kj_graham@gmx.de or Contact / Visit Stuart Brownrigg sabindoors@lyndhurst8.plus.com / Bygone Times, Grove Mill, The Green, Eccleston, Nr Chorley. PR7 5PB UK.


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