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Zent foundry /Ostermundingen Switzerland Empty Zent foundry /Ostermundingen Switzerland

Post by berenice on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:34 pm

The first of these cute bear cast iron doorstoppers (or paperweights) had lost its leather base, the second came with the mark.
Made by the Zent foundry as a limited edition not for sale but only distributed to good customers and staff. Ostermundingen is near Bern and the coat of arms animal of Bern and the canton Bern is the bear. Until today there are living bears kept in the "Bärengraben" in Bern. Timewise this should be 30s, the style would match. I found hardly any trace of this company, but a trade union note from 1935 that this company won't employ organized workers.
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Zent foundry /Ostermundingen Switzerland Zenr-b13

Zent foundry /Ostermundingen Switzerland Zenr-b14

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