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Hi Sklo Lo Sklo by Mark Hill Page2010

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo: Czech Glass Design From Masterpiece to Mass-Produced
148 pages, softback
243mm x 170mm portrait
Published July 2008 -- AVAILABLE NOW!
Price: £20

ISBN-10: 0-9552865-3-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9552865-3-7


The 1950s-70s saw a renaissance in Czech glass design that re-established the country's global reputation in this area. From behind the Iron Curtain, skilled designers pushed the boundaries of 20th century glass design and produced unique art glass masterpieces that went on to inspire visually stunning mass-produced ranges. Exported and sold around the world as art glass for the home, these modern and vibrantly coloured designs became enormously successful. Despite this, the designers responsible were rarely named. Today, the designs they produced typically lie forgotten or misattributed.

This is the first publication to bring together and identify many of these works, and includes hot-worked, cut, engraved, gilded and enamelled designs. Factories include the Sklo Union group, Exbor, Borské Sklo, Harrachov, Skrdlovice, Moser and Zelezny Brod. Designers include, Emanuel and Jan Beranek, Josef Hospodka, Vladimir Jelinek, Rudolf Jurnikl, Milan Metelak, Josef Svarc, Jirí Suhajek, Frantisek Vizner, Karel Wunsch, Vladimir Zahour and Frantisek Zemek An illustrated introduction also gives an overview of the fascinating story behind the creation of these avant garde works. With over 200 specially commissioned, full colour images including labels and signatures, this catalogue will be invaluable to glass collectors and 20th century design enthusiasts.

This catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition of the private collection of Dr Graham Cooley, held as part of the King's Lynn Arts Festival 2006 from 13th July to the 9th August 2008. See the Events page for photographs of the exhibition.

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